Company Mission Statement

We exceed expectations

You won’t catch us measuring our performance on anything other than complete customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small we want our customers to feel valued, reassured and supported. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to go above and beyond for our customers that we don’t tie them into contracts, making it even more important that we never give them a reason to fall out of love with our service.

We place relationships first

For us, it’s about people, not technology so we strive to make meaningful, long lasting connections with our customers and each other. As a team, we recognise we are stronger than the sum of our parts and by drawing upon our collective knowledge, experience and talents we will consistently provide a first-rate customer experience that can’t be beaten.

We operate with professional pride

We know that properly functioning IT is essential to the operations in most businesses, so we never take for granted the importance of our role in keeping it running efficiently. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards because we know now that our interactions, our style of communication and the way we present ourselves is a direct reflection of how we are perceived as a company.

We get the job done

We don’t compound potentially stressful situations by operating inflexibly, using jargon, taking a narrow view of the problem or applying hidden charges. We will operate with urgency, adopt a common-sense approach and we’ll obsess over finding the best possible solutions, all within our fixed fee structure, leaving our customers feeling in control and in safe hands.

We are team players

We firmly believe that each and every person plays an important role in making UNIQ a great place to work. Our ownership mentality means that if we spot a problem or a job to be done we won’t wait, we’ll pitch in and fix it. We treat each other with respect, kindness and empathy because we know that when we show up for each other, we show up for our customers so everybody wins!

If you need help with any aspect of IT we can provide the services you require, so contact us today.